NumbSkin provides powerful pain relief for all kinds of cosmetic procedures


NumbSkin™: Most Trusted Skin Numbing Cream

Say goodbye to the pains on your next cosmetic or dermatological appointment. Those painful processes are no more painful with the use of the best numbing cream, NumbSkin™.

Medically proven, NumbSkin™ is one of the best anesthetic creams which the professionals are using today. Not only the medical professionals but also the beauticians, tattoo artists depend on this numbing cream as one of the best supportive methods for their clients to avoid the fearsome skin pain worldwide.

This non-oily topical anesthetic cream contains 10.56% pure Lidocaine that offers strong numbing effect for longer hours. This is the only water-based cream available in the market and doesn’t interrupt the normal skin elasticity. Hence, it is the safest option to numb the skin without any side effect.

How does it work?

As already established, NumbSkin™ is one of the most popular numbing cream in Australia as well as worldwide that offers skin numbness as long as for 4 hours. As much as the cream is applied, the numbness stays active longer.

NumbSkin™ works by blocking the nerve receptors situated deep into the dermis, and the skin starts becoming numb within a few seconds. Depending on the particular area of applying, the numbing effect may take a little longer as well.

For example, lip area is more sensitive, the skin is thinner, and the nerve receptors are superficially located here. Hence, this area takes a shorter time in getting numbed, considering any thicker skin layer.

How to apply the cream?

  • Apply the cream in bigger amount
  • Rub it gently
  • Apply another thin layer (if required)
  • Wrap up with a plastic cover
  • The warmth helps in activating the cream
  • Wrapping also helps in avoiding drying of the cream
  • Keep the covering until the area is completely numbed